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Một bài writing lung linh từ vựng academic dành cho IELTS band >= 8 dành cho các bạn tham khảo
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Family is the cell of the society which has horrendous effects on the prosperity of the whole country. Some people have recently raised the question round about the two controversial issues: the advantages and disadvantages of a large family. In this essay, I would like to elaborate on these two aspects as follows.


A large family has some considerable advantages. First of all, everyone can earn money and support the family. In addition, members can share their sheer happiness and profound sorrows, help and encourage each other to make indefatigable efforts to overcome any formidable obstacles when being on the horns of a dilemma. A large family with many generations gives us a joyful atmosphere and a favorable environment to shape and develop our inner personalities, make us more confident and sociable to integrate into a globalizing and dynamic world. Therefore, everyone has great opportunities to learn how to socialize and build up a close rapport with others. We can also enjoy the company of all the members, learn to compromise and work together as a whole team. Furthermore, whenever confronted with problems, we can sit and talk with other members to figure out possible solutions. A large family is a lovely place to live in and an irreplaceable source of motivation that inspires us with a great confidence to make nothing of any insurmountable difficulties.
However, having a large family also brings to us a whole lot of drawbacks. First of all, there is not much privacy because you may have to share bedrooms with your siblings. In addition, a family with an awful lot of people often incurs more enormous expenses than a small family does. Members in a big family have to budget their money wisely so that everyone can have enough food and clothes to live and sufficient conditions to pursue their education. It is widely believed that people are born into a large family stand a slim chance to be successful and rise to fame and fortune. Moreover, every member has different opinions and numerous characters, so they may fall out with each other when our philosophies happen to conflict. Last but not least, in a large family, parents may bear more responsibility to take care of all their children. Family resources and parental care are very unlikely to be shared equally to the children in a sizeable household. You don’t get much attention and love from your parents.


There are two sides to anything, the good sides and bad sides. It is not the special exception that a big family has these two effects which may offer a favorable condition or detrimental influences on the development of its society in general and on the family itself.

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